The Storytellers

Cel Atega Rosales-Amores is a grandmother who works for TV but has recently taken to blogging and writing e-books. She wants to preach the value of cultural story-telling to the youth, especially to young Butuanons in particular.

Jasper Caesar Espinosa Jampac is a son of Butuan who grew up under the Sacred Heart and Urian teachings. He joined several publications starting at Urios (Urian Graders, The Gleaner), then at UP Diliman (Philippine Collegian), and at AIM (The Asian Manager). Jasper has also written for Woman Today and edited the ASEAN magazine, LINKS98, while studying at the National University of Singapore.

Malou Monet-Solidum is a dentist with Butuanon roots.

Mamet Magno has been involved in development projects for the past 20 years. She comes from the Villanueva-Magno-Rosales clan. She graduated from UCHS in 1982.

Mark F. Villanueva is a boxing writer, boxing trainer, and founder of the Villanueva Boxing Academy for underprivileged youth. His boxing articles from various sites are compiled in his blog –

Myle T. Macalam is Butuan born and bred. She is one of the Tius of Silongan Street by way of her mother Lette. While enjoying a corporate career in Strategy and Communications in the big city, she continues to pine for her hometown by the river where she spent the first sixteen years of her life.

Ramil L. Cabela. After topping the Philippine Nursing Board Exams in the 1990s, Ramil worked in New York as a critical care nurse while going to business school. Upon earning his MBA in 2001, he launched a career in the pharmaceutical industry where he has been leading drug safety teams in the last 15 years. He loves to travel the world with his wife, Gina, a family medicine physician.

Rene C. Vargas, M.D., FPCS was born and raised in Butuan. He is an Urian (High School Class of ’55) and a graduate of the UST Faculty of Medicine and Surgery ’62. He was an active member and former officer of the Philippine Medical Association and a past president of the Agusan del Norte Medical Society. He is a Senior Fellow of the Philippine College of Surgeons.


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